Pass of Dhauladhar Mountains

Goddess of Dhauladhar Mountains
Goddess of Dhauladhar Mountains

Goddess of Dhauladhar Mountains

There are still many left….but as of 2017, I got the opportunity to attempt Pass all thanks to one new trail mate also from Chamba. Manyank Jaryal, he too had attempt Pass and we were linked by the Admins of We shared details and made a rough plan of around 3-4 days high mountain hike and that too without guide. I would like to mention, though we chose to have no human guide but online there is good information on trail. So we read it (Though ground detail and online details, they are not same always…as on ground things change with Nature) and followed in. Our Hike and Trek to Dhauladhar Mountains…read here

Girls Cow Bulls Boy and Nature

“SHIVA loves and observes Nature!”

Girls Cow Bulls Boy and Nature

Well directly this is off-topic post but if you observe, it is related! We are not comparing India with any-other country!

India the land where SHIVA-SHAKTI and every god praise Women and Girl, SHIVA observes NATURE the form of SHAKTI.

Where our oldest scriptures say that “A land where women and Nature are respected, remains prospered”(Something like that).

India where most of us claim Worship Cow, Cow is like our Mother and many other quotes!

Quotes!! Yes just for saying! What we’ve observed, there is plenty of similarity between the conditions of Women, Girls, baby Cow and baby bulls!!

99% of we the Indians do sex determination while the baby is unborn and most of the girl child are either killed before birth and who so ever is brought in to this World half of them have hell like lifestyle and have constant threat of mistreatment from various elements of the well behaved “Society”!

To the contrary if the child is a boy, he becomes the “Prince” of the family!

If a family in India has a girl child and a boy child, then in 90% families there is major difference in their upbringing! That is irrespective of educational status of the family!

Also when it is about boys, they can have pre-marital phyical relationships and even after getting married, they continue with “girl friends” though the family is aware of it, they make no fuss about it.

But if a girl has some boy just even as a friend, people start making judgments about her characterstics.

Well now come to baby Cow and baby Bull! Cow is our Mother!

Now if the newborn baby is a to be Cow, then that baby is treated like a doll, well taken care of until she is ready for “Milk Production” and is treated well as long as she is able to produce “Milk”.

Once Cow is unable to produce Milk, she is kicked out off the shed to streets and left to survive on her own! There may be few who keep the old cow with them for good!

No wonder we see so many, so many unclaimed cows on streets and roads.

As of baby bull, the life of this fellow is good only to the age he is dependent of Cow milk and after that baby bull is lifted on truck and is shipped to far off streets again to survive on his own or are sold for leather production

They become the “Live” garbage disposal living beings; you can see them eating anything from plastic to rotten vegetables thrown!

Now comes Nature, we (both NRI and Resident Admins of this site) don’t claim ourselves as the only saviors of this planet, mountains and Nature, but we do our part. India is running on the track of development come what may!

We have built infinite types of Micro Dams over free flowing rivers to small rivulets, constructed roads through mountains and forest; have deforested plenty of lands to construct hotels, shopping malls and housing societies!

Though roads are necessary just like housing societies but with that have increased easy deforestation and killing of Wildlife and forced wild animals to come in to human settlements and eat away crops!

To add to it our media and we blame wild animals for the damage they do, which is indirectly forced upon them by, we the humans.

We Humans are responsible for instigating wild animals to attack humans, so be that a wild elephant on fields rampage or wild leopard killing domestic dogs or human babies!

Even officials associated with concerned departments e.g. Forest Dept, Land and Revenue Dept are hands in glove with high profile loggers, corporates and miners!

And beside this we the tourists (most of us highly educated) are also not responsible and don’t even behave like educated! We go to the places of interest and throw our trash on trails and in open…and we even teach same behavior to our children also!

So we don’t respect Nature also!

Now about SHIVA! SHIVA without Religion

“SHIVA loves and observes Nature!”

We are not blaming…this has been going in our minds from a long time…so we decided to post now. We the administrators of this page honor and respect every religion and for us and our first most religion is of Humanity and being human!

Indian Railway and Clean India Campaign

Indian Railway Vs Clean India Campaign


This is a no blame game post and we know our India indeed is Great, so don’t take it “Personal or Political or don’t compare it with Religion or Propaganda Stunt.

First we thought it was a big mistake by cancelling our about 3 hour’s flight from Bangalore to Dharamsala Airport and board an Express Train of Indian Railway.  On single day we’d have touched Dev Bhumi had we not cancelled our direct flight (with one stop at Mumbai).

But then as they say sometime you can gain something by loosing something.  So here is our 3rd but first enlightened experience of travelling with Indian Railway.

Though we have “Practically” been contributing with the Slogan “Keep Your City Clean”, but with the shout out of Indian Prime Minister we thought around 99.99% fellow Indians will also act practically, rather than just for “Selfie” Clean Up (though we agree and believe there are some fellows who do act practically)

By default Indian Railway should have their own garbage collection system from every coach, irrespective of AC to Sleeper to Unreserved, so that they can dispose off the trash at particular stop for proper disposal!

But what generally happens is that every single passenger toss off everything from the window and doors be it Plastic wafers or paper cups.

We kept our part of trash on separate plastic bag, still were helpless. But what more surprising was and which totally blew off the shout out of honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi was from Pune Junction.

At Pune, we boarded another Express and this time were accompanied by a group of Engineering Students guided by their teachers…they were on trip to Shimla, Kullu, Manali and The Golden Temple of Amritsar.

We hoped at least they will support Clean India Campaign…but ;(( again it was like everyone doing. As like everyone they too had flashy gadgets but were like…!! Again no bad feelings! Even when some cleaner cleaned the coach, it was again trashed the very moment it was cleaned!

What was more contradicting that they even made fun of us for keeping our garbage on separate bag…and said something about PM (The Right to Speech)!!

The more we saw outside of the train coach window, we felt as if were in hell….and as we neared Agra…cold air pierced up to our bones…but that was nothing, against what we witnessed a head.

Agra, we saw people with bottle in hand and sitting out in open (wherever they could find the spot) to respond natures-call! The shout out Clean India, Digital India and Incredible India simply vaporized in Thin Air!!

We discussed why Indian Govt has added Swachh Bharat Cess! Now we were within the vicinity of New Delhi and hoped at least this stretch up to Railway Station would be somewhat clean…but no…rather we saw heaps or say small hills of trash with people residing very nearby!

The only spot where we had a sigh of relief was the small area of bus stop of railway station and ISBT Kashmiri Gate (may be because it was recently renovated)!

This was a reality of our Clean India and Swaccch Bharat Campaign (no word is made up, but is put up as it was experienced)! Our not only of India but World-Wide rating hungry media (similar to movies like “15 Minutes” and “NightCrawler”) show only neat clean area, where so called VIP’s stand with a broom in hands and posing in front of camera for popularity and to “Selfie” and to impress!

Even our own Himachal Pradesh, Dev Bhumi is getting buried in heap of Garbage! On our last Kareri Lake trail clean up, our volunteers witnessed a huge dump of Campers trash again contributed our Indian tourists!

We again apologize to whoever felt hurt or took it personal, while it is not targeted to any!

How to Trek to Langha Mata

How to Trek to The Temple of Langha Mata

Langha Mata with temple site in the lap of Green hills looked over by Dhauladhar Mountains in Palampur side. This is an easy Day Hike trek, so we advice start early in the morning.

Trek But Please Do Not Throw Your Garbage on Trail and near Temple premises, carry an extra bag to put your garbage in.

To reach the starting point of trail to Langha Mata temple, you need to reach village Nanahar, which comes after Village Kandbari and Village Khas Bari.

You can board a Himachal Roadways Transport Corporation Bus (HRTC) leaves Palampur ISBT around 07:30 AM and goes through Old Palampur Bus Stand and bus stop near Punjab National Bank at 08:00 AM (keep a watchful eye if you decide to board from Old Bus Stand), this bus will drop you near Govt Sr Sec School and Primary Health Center of Nanahar and by the side water filtration system, the starting point of this trek.

For more Read Here at triundhill

Piplantri Vs Dev Bhumi Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand

Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand or as these are termed as Dev Bhumi in North India, for both of these states have numerous temples dedicated to God and Goddesses all over be in uninhabited high mountains or populated towns and the abundance, serenity of Mother Nature, with Glacier fed rivers, forest cover and wildlife.

But now as time has and is changing the title of Dev Bhumi now seems bit of irrelevant for Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand as in both of these states the unbalanced development, hydro dams, booming hotel & cement industry has done pretty much of hard to repair damage to Mother Nature and also in these states, women are termed as a burden, looked down upon and discriminated.

While for a Dev Bhumi these lines of Sanskrit are most important to follow and act upon practically and not just as a lip service “Yatra Naryastu Poojyante, Ramante Tatra Devta

  • Yatra means = where ever,
  • Naraystu means = Women/Girl,
  • Poojyante means = Worshipped or Honoured,
  • Ramante means = Dwell
  • Tatra means = There
  • Devta means = Devin Souls/ God and Goddesses. This means where ever Women/Girl are worshipped or honoured, gods also come and live in such places.

Also SHAKTI (the form of Women and Nature or say Prakriti) is the beloved of SHIVA and since in Himachal Pradesh plus Uttarakhand women/girls and Nature both are discriminated and exploited for various selfish reasons and sometime in the name of unbalanced development and beautification, how come SHIVA can find any of these states comfortable for HIM.”

While we hardly keep our road head temple premises neat and clean even the trail to high mountain temples are awfully trashed with plastic plates, alcohol bottles. We organize special ceremonies for worshipping but after event the whole premises looks trashed with plastic plates, cups and other glittery stuff and no one to take care.

So in present conditions how come Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand can be termed as Dev Bhumi!! (Don’t take it personal, we mean no offence to religious or emotional feelings, we are writing about ground realities and we Respect every Religion and their teachings)

By our modern and over educated habits we tend to throw cigarette buds, bubble gum, chocolate wafers, juice, beer cans, empty chips pack in open be it while walking, from bus or own car and to worsen things we even teach same habit to our kids and feel proud of it.

SHIVA loves NATURE (SHAKTI) the form of Women, so a place where there is no Respect for Nature, Prakruti and Women, how come gods and SHIVA can be happy. Now what is Piplantri?

Piplantri, a village of Rajasthan, district Rajsamand.

Mr Shyam Sundar Pilwal with the help of other villagers started a wonderful initiative; with the birth of every single girl, this village plants 111 trees. All this started in the memory of Kiran the daughter of former Sarpanch of Piplantri. The village community not only plants 111 trees but also takes care of them and with this nature friendly practical initiative; this desert village has managed to spread the Green Cover to a great extent. With almost no crime this village sure is a good example of Being Practical than just being Verbal, Orator Public Speech initiative.

As reported in The Hindu ( this village has found a good way to go along with Mother Nature and in return Nature provides the villagers with a good reliable source of income as well. So which place is Dev Bhumi?

We read that Dharamsala will be made as the most beautiful town in all over Himachal Pradesh…are we going to beautify Triund, Dharamsala, McLeodGanj, Bhagsunag, Dharamkot and Naddi with concrete jungle, just like we have done with Shimla, Kullu and Manali. Dev Bhumi!!