Gaj Pass Travelouge

गज जोत यात्रा वृतान्त इनसे मिलिये। ये हैं तिलक राम जी।  उम्र 16 साल। 8 भाइयों में सबसे छोटे हैं। घेरा के पास खड़ी बाहीगांव के रहने वाले हैं। गज जोत यात्रा के दौरान बग्गा धार में इनसे मिलना हुआ।   ये गद्दी समुदाय से सम्बंध रखते हैं। बात करने पर पता चला की शाहपुर के नज़दीक मनोह गांव में भी जमीन है। गर्मियोंमें बग्गा धार की तरफ कूच करते हैं। सर्दियों में वापिस मनोह चले जाते हैं। आठवीं तक पढ़ने के बाद स्कूल छोड़ दिया है। पूछने पर जवाब मिला, “पढ़ाई कर के क्या करूँगा? 200 भेड़ बकरियां हैं। उन्हें … Continue reading

Pass of Dhauladhar Mountains

Goddess of Dhauladhar Mountains

There are still many left….but as of 2017, I got the opportunity to attempt Pass all thanks to one new trail mate also from Chamba. Manyank Jaryal, he too had attempt Pass and we were linked by the Admins of We shared details and made a rough plan of around 3-4 days high mountain hike and that too without guide. I would like to mention, though we chose to have no human guide but online there is good information on trail. So we read it (Though ground detail and online details, they are not same always…as on ground things … Continue reading

Billing Hiking Trekking and Camping

How to Go Hiking Trekking to Billing, the Second Best Paragliding Launch Site of Asia in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.

Billing is the Second Best Para-gliding Launch Site of Asia in Himachal Pradesh, distt Kangra and is linked via road and the jungle hiking trail as well. Continue reading

Mountains Love

Enjoying Indrahar Pass -

Mountains Love   This is not about the height or difficulty level of Mountain Pass….it’s more than that!  I got up early by 03:30 am to get ready for my third High Mountain but first long duration and length hike with all ration and cooking stuff on backpack. Left home around 5:40 am and was at Dramman around 06:15 am and the good thing was like election campaign days and marriage functions, for all taxis were engaged, so I’d to kill myself at Dramman for almost 2 hours and finally at 8:30 am got the lift up to Kandwari…. I remember … Continue reading

Know How for Kareri Lake Hike

Kareri Lake Trek

safety tips for Kareri Lake Hiking Continue reading

Lam Dal Trek

The long trail to Lam Dal

lam dal lake, the longest lake in Dhauladhar Mountains of Dharamsala Continue reading

Jalsu Pass Trek

A must do easy to moderate trek by any adventure enthusiast and nature lover before the system converts it in to hell in the name of development, easy access and comfort and what ever kind of Excuse we Humans can come up with – The Jalsu Trail! This Trek can be started either from Chamba side or Palampur, Paprola and Utrala side. The Utrala side is the best testing for the Beginners and one of the best option for Solo Trekking for Experienced Trekker and Hiker! But never under estimate Nature and Mountains. Never judge mountains by their height. Though … Continue reading