Dhauladhar Mountains and Monsoon Clouds Roar

Diplazium esculentum

We were on a short trek on unknown trails of Dhauladhar Hills a head Kandbari, Saperu in Palampur. On trails just like the silky, black and smooth hair of a women, I was in love with the lush green grass all around and then there were Columbine flowers and some snake hood like plants too.  Roar of Monsoon Clouds

Diplazium esculentum

Diplazium esculentum Lingroo

Node Rani Mata

Temple of Node Rani Mata in Slate Godam in upper area of Yol Cantt.

Hikers Tourists Trekkers

July 28th, 2014 so called Human Trekkers and Hikers shit on Triund trails

RepublicOfZenEU Finally Reached Triund Hill in Himalayas

Finally reached Triund Hill in the Himalayas video by @RepublicOfZenEU on YouTube and Twitter