Mountain Cleaners and Triundhill

The Mountain Cleaners is a group of dedicated volunteers which is founded by Jodie Underhill from Great Yarmouth, England in the year 2009 in Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

The Mountain Cleaners visit Triund every Monday and Tuesday to collect and sort the garbage left behind by the tourists in to recyclable and non-recyclable and bring it down in McLeodganj for proper disposal.

They also have set up with owners of Magic View Cafė and Best View Cafė located on the trail to Triund and two other cafe’s in Triund who put the garbage of their surroundings in the bags provided by the Mountain Cleaners and also suggest tourists to keep trail to Triund clean.

With the efforts of the volunteers of Mountain Cleaners, Triund and trail to Triund is somewhat cleaner than before.

Beside cleaning Triund, Mountain Cleaners also hold fundraising events every month to continue and fund their others such projects that are in the interest of India and the Indians. On behalf of Triund and Nature, we wish them good luck for the cause they are in to.

Precautions for Triund Hiking

Well during your trek to Triund always for any season apply good quality sun protection cream and carry extra pack of cream as the Sun rays up in the mountains are very sharp and crystal clear which can harm your skin in the form of sun tan or sun burn..also wear full sleeve shirt plus a hat to protect your face from sun rays also apply a lip guard gel.

During Winter never forget to wear hot clothes like woollen sweaters, socks , jackets for your body and gloves for hands and if you intend to stop in Triund for more than one day ensure you have either enough cash for guest house and food or have your own sleeping bags and food or food supplement.

Water is major shortage in Triund since the water tank built by Forest Department is in bad shape and you may have to shell out extra cash for water bottles unless you can manage to walk up to a source of water near by the shallow ridge of Triund.

If you are a Nature freak and love photo-shooting, do carry extra backup batteries and rolls or memory cards for camera as up in Triund, there is no source for electrical charge except solar batteries that works only for lighting of solar bulbs.

Final safety measure during trek to Triund, always walk in the inner side of the trek or trail and never try to show off courage or overconfidence by walking on the edges of the trek, because one slip of step will mean, immediate risk to your life as in the past about two or three people lost their lives on treks of Triund.

One can access or Trek to Triund and Laka or Illaqa in McLeodganj, Dharamsala, and Himachal Pradesh.

If you think there is still a lot of precaution standard missing then please feel free mention it on contact us, we’ll appreciate your feedback and update that in the post.

Triund News May 26 2011

There is news of fire on the store and kitchen of Rest House of Forest Department in Triund due to lightening strike. As per the information this Store and Kitchen a 97 years old structure built by the British in Triund is totally burnt down, but the good thing is that no one is hurt. There was heavy rain and lightening strike up in Triund last night of May 25, 2011 and due to this accident Mountain Cleaners lost their equipments like blankets, coats and sleeping bags.

Below news detail courtesy from and UNI. 31 students escape unhurt in Triund rest-house fire.

Dharamsala, May 26 :Thirty-one children and teachers of YPS School, Mohali escaped unhurt in a fire that broke out at a forest resthouse in Triund on Wednesday night, nine km from McLeodganj. Deputy Forest Range Officer Kamar Singh today told UNI that the outhouse in the premises of this nearly century-old forest guest house at Triund, was engulfed in flames due to lightning at around 2330 hrs on May 25. A store, kitchen and guard’s room were totally gutted and boundary wall of the rest house was also damaged in the blaze. The loss was estimated at about Rs 1.50 lakh. However, there was no loss of life, Mr Singh informed. He said a group of 31 students of YPS School Mohali, along with their teachers Jyotsna, Niranjan, Sudarshan Kumar (cook) and two guides Tarsem and Kewal Singh, were staying in tents, 20 metres from the forest guest house when the incident took place. It took them two hours along with forest guards, to douse the flames, the DFRO disclosed. Kangra District Additional Police Chief Sanjeev Gandhi said though rising flames created panic among the students, none of them was injured in the incident. –UNI

Elevation of Triund

The people who write their experience about Triund or mention about Triund Hill is that they ignore about the height of Triund and just copy from other pages as such,“Triund is located at a height of 2827 metres above sea level”.

Triund is actually located at a height of about 2842 meter above sea level. Following are the co-ordinates of Triund  Hill 32° 15′ 49.29″ N 76° 21′ 12.68″ E Some daring trekkers use the height of Triund for adventure activities like paragliding also.

Heaven on Earth for Nature Lovers and Hikers

Triund a paradise in its own is one day trek on one of the oldest migratory route seasonally used by Gaddi shepherds of Chamba and Kangra districts. Heaven on Earth for Nature Lovers and Hikers

Triund Hill is located at a height of about 2,842 meters above sea level and with a distance of about 9 km from McLeodganj ( located at height of 2,082 meters above sea level ) and 17km from Dharamsala ( located at a height of about 1,457 meters ).

During your trek if you are lucky enough can see the snow birds and black bear. Once you reach top of Triund hill you will find yourself standing in front of the mighty and humble looking snow-clad Dhauladhar (the mountain peak of Dhauladhar is at an altitude of about 4,800 meters from sea level).
Once you reach Illaqa your soul can experience the majestic and positive energy that Dhauladhar Mountain disperse off all around. The shepherds and trekkers cross over Indrahar-Pass (located at height of about 4,342 m above sea level) to reach Chamba .

On Trek from Mcleodganj to Triund you first reach Dharamkot and then Shri Galu Devi temple (located at a height of about 2300 meter)  here you will find a small refreshment shop named Rest A While from here the trek gets a bit of hard.