Trek to Triund in Snow

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4 Responses to Trek to Triund in Snow

  1. keskelund says:

    This look awsome! We plan to be in Mcleongadj during Easter. Any idea if it still will be snow in this area then?

    • Triund Baba says:

      hi…yes you will find much of Snow in Triund Hill……also try SnowLine cafe and Lahesh Cave plenty of snow there..SnowLine cafe and Lahesh Cave ahead Triund 🙂

      • keskelund says:

        Accha hain! I’ll get in touch if we will need a guide. We will eventually be two persons travelling. One With wast experience With trekking and snow and one beginner.

      • keskelund says:

        Hi Baba. Do you have an e-mail address where I can reach you?

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