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Current News and Transition of Triund Hill

It is about the Transition of Triund Hill

Back than it was pure Wilderness, what now has become a trail of the Wanderlusts! There is a difference, getting lost in the Wilderness and jumping into the crowd of the Wanderlusts.

I read a blog post on a website of Tribune India News, dated 30 years ago. The photographs probably were shot on either a film roll or point and shoot camera. But the matter or the words defined the pictures of that time very clearly.


Back then the campsite was green pastureland allocated to the shepherds on long term lease by State government. This is generally the case with all hills in India. If you are a shepherd and have big flock of sheep and goat and also a seasonal migrator through the high mountains, the govt allocates green pastureland on yearly fees for your livestock.

This doesn’t give anyone the ownership of the hills and the pastureland there in. “This has been confirmed by many and also narrated by the ones who know the law of land records”. It remains the Forest land under state government.

As I further read in that blog, back then the land of Triund Hill, was all green and sheep and goat used to graze everywhere.

Back then bears and leopards also used to wander around Bhagsu waterfall and even near Gallu Devi temple.

As the time went by, the locals started putting up tea stalls up there because the foreign tourists used to come here for peaceful moments and camping with the beauty of Nature.

It was not that popular with the majority of the local Indian fellows, though few used to come up to Triund and Indrahar Pass.

Many moons ago it was a pure bliss to be up in Tryund and Laka. Even the trek from Gallu Devi Temple was used to be a cover of lush green trees. You could have come face to face with some fox, bear or wild goat or Himalayan pine marten.

That time there were no portable loudspeakers or Bluetooth speakers and no smartphones so all along this hiking trail, all you could have hear was the sound of the birds like Alpine Acentors, Himalayan Monal, Quail, Himalayan Black Lored Tit and others, also the warning sound of some wild animal.

There were so many species that you could have witnessed all along the trail, now only few are left, that too are available for the show by early morning.

Now a days, you only hear the modern weird song numbers being played on Bluetooth speakers of the smartphones and iPhone.

Back than it was pure Wilderness, what now has become a trail of the Wanderlusts!

There is a difference, getting lost in the Wilderness and jumping into the crowd of the Wanderlusts.

Well as the moments went by, locals started putting up shops and guest house, no one know how the system let that happened.

But the grazing ground, that used to have flocks of sheep and goats, now housed two three shops and some concrete structures.

The grazing ground, that used to have flocks of sheep and goats

As come 2012 the traffic of tourists slowly started to increase in terms of numbers but with that the quality or say the type of trekkers and tourists also changed drastically.

The tourists and trekkers from the world started to decline with the rapid increase of local and Indian fellows.

Not all are same though, so please don’t take it personal.

Triund Hill, that once was the Jewel of Dharamsala, now was facing the blight of uncontrolled tourism and the greed and that eventually had drastic impact on the green pastureland and ground water.

Triund Hill, that once was the Jewel of Dharamsala
Triund Hill, that once was the Jewel of Dharamsala

There are now filth and garbage all along the trail and the pastureland. Tourists and not the trekkers come here for not peace but for some mixed reasons.

And in turn they litter or say throw their garbage everywhere.

They can’t even carry their part of trash back to Mcleodganj or Dharamkot not even up to Gallu Devi Temple, where garbage bins are already kept.

Well we read the news that the authorities were pushed to act because of the intervention from state High Court!

Though Kangra Police had put restrictions on alcohol in Triund, still as we heard many tourists were carrying the restricted items to the campsite and were not adhering with cleanliness of Nature.

As the news further read, with the orders of state High Court, the local administration has banned camping in Triund. The forest department has removed all kind of shops that were all along the Triund trek and in Triund.

Further as the current reports and news say, It is not that the concerned departments were not aware of all this. But they lacked the interest to act.

Back then and still there is a famous term, “Wild West” well it appears, and it was or still is “Wild North” over here in India.

At present the state High Court has banned felling of un-harmful and green trees all across the state, still not a single citizen adheres to it.

The Smart City Dharamshala, just sounds and fits perfect.

The Swachh Bharat abhiyan has been in to verbal action for the last 5-6 years but in ground there is no visibility in practical terms.

The local panchayats are awarded the best panchayat for having cleanest area, don’t know how. But same panchayat have dump of garbage lying everywhere. Wild North! Smart Cities in Dev Bhumi!!

As we write this, there was further new news report about Triund, that yesterday the high level officers of local administration were in Triund to check the situation and see the proceedings of the orders.

So for now in current time camping in Triund is banned and one can only go for Day Hikes.

Triund, The Jewel of Dharamsala now is the garbage bin of India!!

Same thing the blight of uncontrolled tourism is affecting Kareri Lake, Kasol, Kheer Ganga, Pin-Parvati Valley and other new cradles of Nature all around Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir!

It is about the Transition of Triund Hill and The Greed has no remedy!

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