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The Mountain Cleaners is a group of dedicated volunteers which is founded by Jodie Underhill from Great Yarmouth, England in the year 2009 in Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

The Mountain Cleaners visit Triund every Monday and Tuesday to collect and sort the garbage left behind by the tourists in to recyclable and non-recyclable and bring it down in McLeodganj for proper disposal.

They also have set up with owners of Magic View Cafė and Best View Cafė located on the trail to Triund and two other cafe’s in Triund who put the garbage of their surroundings in the bags provided by the Mountain Cleaners and also suggest tourists to keep trail to Triund clean.

With the efforts of the volunteers of Mountain Cleaners, Triund and trail to Triund is somewhat cleaner than before.

Beside cleaning Triund, Mountain Cleaners also hold fundraising events every month to continue and fund their others such projects that are in the interest of India and the Indians. On behalf of Triund and Nature, we wish them good luck for the cause they are in to.

Share Is Caring

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  1. i love Triund and the mountain cleaners, i even have participated in Triund clean up..thanks for providing information on Triund 🙂

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