SnowLine Cafe from Triund Hill

August 18th 2013 by 06:00 am we were prepared and ready to leave….for SnowLine Cafe (Though I’d planned to take Gordon up to Lahesh Cave beyond SnowLine Cafe and Illaqa). The morning sky above Dharamsala and Kangra was cloudy but something bit of different from the sky above Triund Hill (Sometimes we see city sky cloudy but often it is not same up in high mountains). The morning sky above Dharamsala and KangraAs we moved upward and took the first turn to SnowLine Cafe we saw family of Red Jungle fowl gliding towards the water source in the ridge of Triund Hill (Below image of Red Jungle Fowl  is license free from National Park Assam and is used as example only).Red Jungle FowlWe reached the temple of Jhande Wali Mata As we were climbing further we saw Eagles soaring up in the sky and their flight scared more of Red Jungle Fowls and suddenly all of them were gliding to lower ridge. That was the early morning show for both of us. From here Gordon Cole also got to see the original temple of Temple of Kunal Pathri Devi The more we were getting closer to SnowLine Cafe the closer Dhauladhar was getting. Finally we reached SnowLine Cafe and greeted the owner Shri Jai Chand Sharma and four other amateur hikers from Kinnaur and Solan Manu Singh, Vicky, Nirpender and Kirti. We asked for tea and bread omelette.  The conversation with Vicky and friend turned the turning point. Manu Singh and his friends had planned to hike up to Indrahar Pass. After learning about their plan I turned to Gordon and reminded him of last night conversation,”I will be tempted for more if I get to reach SnowLine Cafe.”

This temptation was fueled further by Shri Jai Chand Sharma when he confidently said;”You can reach Indrahar Pass in 5 – 6 hours.” My mind was running fast, we finished our breakfast and left SnowLine Cafe at 08:45 AM,  promising Manu Singh and friends that, we will wait for them in Lahesh Cave and from there if weather remained good we’ll go further to Indrahar Pass. By the time we were in SnowLine Cafe the sky above Illaqa and Dhauladhar Mountains was blue with thin fog in distant. We reached Illaqa and there I showed Gordon the remains of old Rest House of Forest Department. Further we walked through huge boulders, greeted two shepherds there and as we reached the centre of Illaqa we were welcomed by inbounding thick dense fog with visibility of 5 to 10 meters. Now we were dependent on the Cairn.