How To Trek

How To Trek in Dharamshala

Dharamshala hosts so many easy to moderate level trekking site and treks. These treks range from easy to moderate trails.

With how to trek in Dharamshala page, we are trying to guide you with detailed information of trek photographs and instructions.

This page How To Trek, will give you current and correct information about Triund Trek, Kareri Lake Trek and many other to be mentioned treks with in Dharamsala region and in neighborhood.

All these treks are suitable even for the beginners and some even can be done solo with some experience in trekking of trails.

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  1. How is the weather in Triund during the month of September to October? Can we experience snow in October month? Do we need guide in the month of October? Also is Kareri Lake trek safe for solo girl trekkers? Please answer, as I would like to do both of these treks during the holidays of October month.

    1. Good day Radhika and thanks for the visit to and for your query! As of the weather the months between September, October and November are just fine for the day trek and camping at Triund.
      If you want to go only for the day trek, then you certainly don’t need any guide. This is one of safest trek in and closest to Dharamshala Local area. The trek to Triund is well beaten and is also safe Solo girl trekkers and any other Solo person. But if you want to spend some nights in Triund then you will have to book a room either with the Forest Department at Dharamsala or hire some travel agent for the whole trekking and camping. Also if you go without guide, then there’s a private guest house just behind the Forest Department rest house.
      There are various agencies, which offer different and affordable packages for the famous Triund Trek in Dharamsala and most probably worldwide.
      It is very safe for the girls. If someone wants to do a solo, trek then, we have a dedicate page in our site, that provides complete information on trek.
      You may carry some warm clothes for Triund Trek and Camp during the month of October and November. As of snowfall in Triund, it is weather dependent, sometimes you may witness snowfall right in the first week of November and sometime there is no snowfall even in the month of December.
      But if you really want to do a snow trek to Triundhill, then the months of March to April are just perfect.
      As of Kareri Lake trek, it is also safe for solo girls. The trek is bit lengthy but can be done in a day. Though as of now by September 2021, the trek to Kareri Lake is badly damaged due to recent flashflood in the monsoon months of July and August. So right now, if you want to do a trek to Kareri Lake, then we recommend you hire a guide either from Kareri Village or Dharamsala. Another point for Kareri Lake, due to the heavy rains, the nearest road connecting Dharamsala and Ghera village has been damaged beyond quick repairs. So now you either have to trek up to Ghera Village via Dal Lake and Village Satovarir or reach the trail head via road connecting Shahpur to Noli and Sali village. We wish you a Safe, Clean and Green Trek.

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