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Chamba Madra ~ The Taste of Chamba

The heavenly view of Chamba rekindled deep in my brain when I put the first scoop of Chamba Madra in my mouth mixed with rice.

I went back to the height of 3 feet in Chambayali Dham (marriage eating) that I  enjoyed with my family in remote villages of Chamba, that flavour of Chamba Rajma Madra and the sight of Madra that I still love, I loved Chamba Madra more than sweetened red coloured rice, but there was limited serving of Madra in Dham. So I’d to satisfy with little amounts on leafy plates.

Well now way far far from Chamba (physically though) but my soul is still and will always remain in the high Mountains of Chamba. We prepared Chamba Rajma Madra at home…and it is not for those who want to lose weight or don’t like too much of fat.

For Recipe visit here The Taste of Chamba 

Chamba Madra - Yum nom nom
Chamba Madra – Yum nom nom

Chambyali Madra, in this post you’ll learn How To Make Rajma Madra. This is the real recipe for Pahadi Rajma Madra. Pahadi Rajma Madra is a special north Indian cuisine of Chambyali dham.

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