Bhagsu Waterfall

Bhagsu Water Fall

Bhagsunag Waterfall and Gallu

Whenever one is in Dharamsala and Mcleodganj and talks about waterfall and the only, waterfall that comes in mind is Bhagsu waterfall.
Bhagsu waterfall is in Bhagsunag, named after the oldest temple in Bhagsu.
Bhagsu which is another aka name of whole Dharamshala and is common among the locals and the majority of Gorkha community.
Talking of waterfall, the waterfall of Bhagsunag has lost its charm due to uncontrolled and unchecked establishment of cafes and tea stall.
Due to its popularity Bhagsu waterfall has scummbed to illiterate and irresponsible tourists, majority of which are local Indian fellows.
The irresponsible acts of local Indian tourists, like throwing garbage around the path leading to water and savoring alcohol in open spaces. With all this non~sense they also portray bad image of India to the foreign tourists!
The local tourism department plays no role in maintaining the beauty and serenity of such places and this is very common in whole India.
But now there is another waterfall with-in Dharamsala and it is named after village deity Shri. Gallu Devi, and is termed as Gallu Waterfall.

The trek to Gallu Waterafall is easy and can be covered within a day and without guide.
For Gallu Waterfall one needs to reach Gallu Devi temple ahead Dharamkot and the main trail head of Tryund Hill.
Right behind the temple of Gallu Devi, there are two trails.

One going to right hand upward North-East is for Triund Hill and the other on left hand going North is for Gallu Water fall.
*You will notice a big main water supply pipeline along the trek to Gallu Waterfall, follow this main water pipeline and you can easily cover Gallu Waterfall Trek.

Please do not throw your garbage on trails and treks, at least keep your part of garbage with you in sparre bag and empty it in McLedoganj.
The trail is easy to navigate, even the beginner in trekking and hiking can go solo or with friends.

It takes around 1 hour of fast track walk to reach Gallu Water fall or leisurely walk takes around 1.45 hours to 2 hours.

It is one of the easiest Day Hike in Dharamsala. Camping is not recommended. There are 4-5 tea stalls on trek to Gallu Waterfall.
Good if you carry your own food and enjoy the hike and bring your part of garbage back to McLeodGanj or Dharamkot.
How to reach Gallu Devi temple and trail head to Tryund :

A) If you are in Bhagsunath correct name is Bhagsunag , then you can walk for Gallu Devi temple from the side of main taxi stand and the German Bakery.
B) If you are in McLeod:

  • (i) If you are in Mcleodganj then take a long walk up to Gallu Devi Temple via Regional Mountaineering Institute.
  • (ii) You can even hire a taxi / cab or autorickshaw up to Dharamkot and then enjoy theĀ  jungle walk up to Gallu Devi Temple or just hire cab right up to Gallu Devi Temple.

C) If you are in Dharamsala, then first reach Mcleodganj and then hire taxi for Gallu Devi Temple.
Precautions for this Day Hike are as standard as for regular hiking, inform your friends and family, if going solo. Clothing as per weather.

A regular sports shoes will just do fine for this easy day hike.

Carry water bottles with you. Never forget rain ponchos if it rainy season. First Aid Kit should be the part of your hiking, be it an easy day hike or regular lengthy hike.

And most important watch your steps, avoid walking on outer sides of the trail and treks and don’t use headphones or loudspeakers while on trek.

By not using headphones or loudspeakers, you help not interfering the peace of fellow hikers and tourists and of the birds and wild animals.

If you use headphones while on trek then you can miss the sounds of approaching wild animals if there any or even can miss the sweet melodies of the birds.

And if you use loudspeakers or mobile speakers then you might miss the chance of seeing wild goats and other wild animals on trail.
Also please do not throw your part of garbage anywhere while hiking, trekking or camping.

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