How Dangerous and Difficult Thatharna Trek is?

Is Thatharna trek really dangerous and difficult?

The Reality of How Dangerous and Difficult Thatharna Trek is? Today, we will discuss the reality of Thatharna trek.

This is just another trek like Kareri lake trek.

The only difference Is that, it has steep climbs and at one point you can sure loose the trek.

This point come right under a huge tree with a small/temple type of structure made of rock slabs.

Here the actual Thatharna trek goes to the right-hand side.

During our first trek to Thatharna, we also had got misled from this point. But since we had the basic idea of climbing straight up side.

So after some effort were able to connect with the actual trek to Thatharna.

Now we will detail the points of Thatharna trek, starting from the big temple in Kharota village.

Follow these free guidelines and we are certain that you will not get lost in trek to Thatharna.

The Steps for Thatharna Trek


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  1. Hi, what are the packages for the snow trek in Dharamsala? We want to go for Kareri Lake in February 2022 and we are only two persons.

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