How To Do The Monsoon Hikes

Triund Trek in Monsoon

How To Prepare for the Monsoon Hikes

Monsoon is one of the most beautiful season in North India and presents some of the best views in the Mountains. The hills become all green.

Then there are the Gaddi shepherds grazing their flock of sheep and goat. Monsoon season usually starts from mid to the end of June and lasts till the first week of the September month.

The views after rain are crystal clear with no smudge of pollution or smoke.The Sunrise happens to be clear and same with the Sunsets.

But very recently, things have changed drastically due to the Climate Change and Global Warming. Nowadays Monsoon season is seen as a threat. Climate change has changed the pattern of rainfall in the monsoon season.

There are news of the landslides every other day along with floods. Landslides are common but it has increased very recently. So trekking and hiking in the season of Monsoon is almost considered unsafe.

There are parts and places where you can undertake day hikes and even long days trekking.

All you have to do is, some preparation for the rain.  

Here in this post we will discuss some points, which will help prepare you for the Monsoon hikes.

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