How to Pack BackPack

How to Pack BackPack

If you love trekking, hiking and camping, then one of the concerning things is the weight of the backpack and the items you need for your camp and trek.
The knowledge of how to properly pack your bag, backpack or rucksack matters a lot, whether you are travelling or trekking.
A nicely packed bag or backpack does not weigh much, is well balanced and you don’t have to skip necessary items
You can learn this with experience or follow the instructions on internet. Here we’ll be discussing packing of the backpack for trekking and camping, you can do the same for regular traveling.
For trekking and camping you need to see how many days of the trekking is, whether it is a just a Day Hike, 2-3 days trek or expeditions type month long trek.
Next thing to take note is of the type of your backpack! From experience, we would recommend a backpack with internal frame whether is long days trek or day hike.
Always try to avoid regular strap backpack, especially for multi day trekking or hiking. Having a porter is different thing but then if you are going for a week’s trek then carrying ones backpack by oneself has its own taste and experience. The effort you put in carrying your backpack will be rewarding in the end of the days trek.
So this post will try to guide you on how to pack your backpack in a most comfortable way, so that you can carry all necessary things on your own and still enjoy the walk in the woods and the climb through the easy or steep trails of the rugged mighty mountains.
Carrying one’s own backpack demands energy and which in turn gives you the joy of trekking in real sense.


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