Date with Death


Date with Death They hire two porters and guide for their exit trek from one of the remotest points. It starts with one experienced trekker, two trekkers and businessmen, one energetic wanderer and one amateur trekker all from Himachal Pradesh. It was the beginning of our Date with Death. The two senior citizen porters and […]

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Django Unchained in Billing


Django Unchained in Billing I was looking for some easy winter snow hiking spot out side of my area. Then got the reference to a place of worship near Chinna Pass (motor-able road but now the road is blocked with slides and fallen trees, the reason they had cut out the road from hillsides and […]

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The Native Connection

The Native Connection I didn’t do any preliminary search before starting with the title “The Native Connection” it just came from with in! I don’t know why! This post is not Anti American or any Nation, Govt Specific! As I recall…with the height of about 3 foot, I entered the class room for the first […]

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Volunteering with Dhauladhar Cleaners

Volunteering with Dhauladhar Cleaners It all started from a friend’s hotel room in Manali. Earlier, we had known each other only on Social media, except few. New circle was added in and it was good to be a part of the one. Many moons later, there was a word about floating a new local nongovernmental […]

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Triund Hill Manali and Shimla

Though Manali and Shimla are considered to be the best hill stations in Himachal Pradesh but then it is like for everyone. Everyone can just drive up to in and around Manali and Simla for summer holidays, but then if you seek solitude, serenity and some fine moments away from regular crowded site seeing and […]

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