Vindhyavasini Devi

In the lap of Dhauladhar Mountains of Himalayas in Palampur Himachal Pradesh there is a temple dedicated to Vindhyavasini Devi.

This temple is accessible via a rough road suitable only for Motorcycles, Jeeps and Trucks and is located before the tunnel that leads to another Micro Hydro Dam in Himalaya, Neugal Hydro Electric Project
Other wise if you love trekking, hiking and hillwalk then this temple can be reached by trek through this route
A) Reaching Palampur either from Dharamsala or Kangra and from the ISBT board a bus to Upper Bandla (Saaw)(the bus timings are between 10:00am to 02:00pm and try to go as early as possible otherwise you’ll need to hire a cab may cost 500 INR up to the road head to the trek only) and can ask the bus conductor to drop you at the road head to Neugal Hyrdro Electric Project.

B) Once at the stop you need to walk around 3km and will reach the check post (no need to show any doc) and from there the climb starts, you may either follow the road or take the jungle route going after two turns and for that the security guard at the check post can help you (he can give you the idea to take the shortcut of Jungle trail. This trail is steep so go easy without hurry, just enjoy the walk. Just refill your water bottle by the rivulet near checkpost. ¬†After 1 hour climb you’ll reach the makeshift settlement of project workers. From there just follow the main road (under-construction) after first left turn there will be another road going straight on left hand…ignore that road and turn to right hand side and keep walking with attention….as you keep walking, you will see few tunnels on right hand side…SKIP them..and after 30-45 minutes walk you will see the gate of the temple and the main tunnel that goes to the Project area.

C) Climb the stairs and you are there in the temple premises and there is a hut for temple priest. By the side of the temple you will see the waterfall with around 1000 meter fall….after worshipping the goddess you may rest in the small park on the other side of the temple…just remain careful while crossing the rivulet..from that park goes an upward trail that further leads to Okhal Mool a high mountain site…but for that you need a guide and company of friends. Skip that trail and just enjoy the company of Mother Nature and goddess.

As seen in this photograph above the grazing grounds (Sethunal) on the opposite mountain hosts another campground of local Gaddi Shepherds known as Khalla which further leads to Thatri campground and finally to Hangar Jot, Killar Jot or Shinghar Jot, the highest peak of Dhauladhar Mountains in Palampur side.

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