Bada Bhangal

On the Brink of Famine, Save Bada Bhangal

Save Bada Bhangal

We are raising funds over here for arranging supplies for the villagers in Bada Bhangal. 

Bada Bhangal is the remotest village of Himachal located in Baijnath Block of District Kangra. This remote valley is flanked on all sides by high mountains. Bada Bhangal village is situated along the banks of Ravi river.

The access to this remote valley is either over the high mountain passes which remain closed for a good 8 months or over a dangerous cliff approach along the gorge of Ravi river.

This path is somewhat short but dangerous and remains open for 6 months depending upon the snow condition.

The access over mountain passes is no less taxing. Bada Bhangal is flanked by Dhauladhar Range, Pangi Range and Manimahesh Range. One has to traverse through these mountain ranges to enter or exit this remote valley. 

Save Bada Bhangal
Save Bada Bhangal

The passes are very difficult and rarely used. Bada Bhangal panchayat has a population of about 500. Most of the people move to lower Kangra valley in winters. 

People here have a winter residence in Bir and only move back to Bada Bhangal in summers. Only 50-60 people stay back in winters to look after livestock.

There is a transit government secondary school which is shifted to Bir in the winter months. Recently Bada Bhangal has been electrified by a mini hydel project which provides electricity for 3-4 hours in a day.

A satellite phone is the only mode of communication to the outside world.

About the problem :

Last year a temporary footbridge on Uhl river got washed away in flash flood and also landslides blocked the trail to Thamsar Pass near Palachak. As a result of that, the essential supplies could not be supplied to the villagers. Its been over a year now and still, the district administration has done nothing to restore this trail. 

Its an earnest request to all people that they must pass on this relevant piece of information so that our government takes action. Bada Bhangal, the remotest village of Himachal needs your help.

The essential supplies have failed to reach this village for the last one year. Bada Bhangal village is facing famine-like conditions and if ration and other essentials are not supplied within a month, people will die of hunger. 

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