Trek to Kareri Lake and Trekking around Triund

Kareri Lake Trek From Dharamsala

For Kareri Lake Trek you need to reach Ghera Village either using a taxi or bus leaving from Dharamsala ISBT around 07:45 AM or via a foot trail from Satowari Village.

For Kareri, you don’t need to go Chari. Bus fare is 15 INR. From Ghera Village there is a road under construction suitable only for jeeps.
The trek starts from Ghera Village. From Ghera Village you need to cross the bridge.

The Trail

Once through this bridge first you need to turn right and then take left turn on road and on third right turn there is jungle trail going upward from left hand side. Here you need to skip the road for short cut. Or you can continue on road which after 45 minutes connects to trail for Kareri Village.

Since this road is under construction so better option is the short-cut jungle trail going upward from left hand side. This is easily visible to attentive eyes.

You can cover this shortcut trail within 15 to 30 minutes or take the road with 45 minutes walk.

and on way will come across a small temple.

The Turn for Kareri Trail

Once you reach the road head…you need to take the trail going downward to your left hand side

For Kareri Trail

This downward trail goes through fields and one children day care centre and in between you will come across a drinking water source adjacent to another temple and livestock shelter on left.

The Trail is clear and you need to cross a small bridge and after the bridge you will see Children Day Care Centre on right hand.

From the front of this centre the trail goes two way..the left downward trail goes through the stream and you need to cross the stream carefully or you can continue on the trail to right and cross the stream via a small concrete bridge which exists in front of a home on the other side.

Once you reach the other side the trail gets steep but with easily visible step trail. In the centre you will come across a resting point with a small tree for shade.

After this rest point the trail goes through a small tree cover and after 20 minutes walk at the end of Tree Cover on left side you will come to see another temple dedicated to Sheetla Mata with a water tank.

Final Climb for Kareri Village

After this the step are bit of more steep nature with upcoming road after a fall of 300 meter on right side..so carefully tread and climb upward and then skip the trail going through fields and take on the trail on right hand side follow this trail and after a few meters you will cross the fence and then a few meters more walk will see a water tap on left and the way to Sanjeev’s Home Stay
Here you have the option for Home Stay (prior consultation is recommended with owners) or continue on the trail going upward in right hand and you will go through fields and land in front of a home with two directional trail..skip the left trail continue on the trail to right and then turn left and will come out on road head..here need to be careful and take the upward trail on right hand which goes along with water supply pipe with more than 1000 meters fall on right hand.
At one point you will exit at the sight of another Temple in a distance and Forest Department Rest House.

Kareri Village to Kareri Dal or Lake

After 10 minutes rest continue on the trail going adjacent the Rest House on Right Hand side..it will be like new place with trail steps going through trees here avoid the downward trail and continue with the trail going straight with a left turn here you will also see 2-3 water tanks. Here the under construction road restarts..follow this road trail and you will come across the first bridge.

From here it should take minimum 45 minutes and maximum 1 hour to touch the single Kareri Lake Trek starting from the right of the much wider concrete bridge connecting Kareri Village to Salli and Noli villages..this bridge is over Lyund Rivulet originating from Kareri Lake at the base of Minkiani Peak of Dhauladhar Mountains of Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh.

The Wide Bridge and old wooden bridge, Note the Upward Trail on Right Hand Side

After this Wider bridge the climb from right hand side gets steep and goes through dense forest still the trail is clearly visible and after a climb of minimum 45 minutes you will come at a point where the trail divides to 2 way one going right hand with a huge boulder on wall side..and other going left side with a bended water pipe.

Skip the right hand trail and follow the left hand trail that goes through Lyund Stream (Lyund Stream generates from Kareri Lake) After carefully crossing this stream the step trail will be steep so go easy with no hurry and race.

Continue on this trail and from one flat point you will see a seasonal Gaddi Hut under a overhang boulder on the other side of the Lyund Stream here too the trail is clearly visible so just be careful for the Wild Animals..the trail is again long and steep..after 30 minutes climb you will come in open patch with sand like soil here tread carefully..and after this point the trail becomes straight and with a Natural Drinking Water Source on left side. Refill and refresh here for next trail.

Continue on this trail with turn and then climbing down and then up..watch out for slips and your steps for on the right hand side the fall hosts Lyund Stream 🙂 !
After a long walk you will come over a small metal sheet bridge over Lyund Stream.

Once you cross over this metal sheet bridge the trail goes through boulder with a overhang cave of Gaddi shepherds on right hand side.
Now from here the trail has no deviations…so follow this long and steep trails with easy and fun walk without exhausting yourself. Depending on your capacity you may cover this long trail from here with in 2-3 hours least or more. But please avoid throwing garbage on trails..and you will see 2-3 Gaddi Huts on both sides of the trail and some on the opposite side of the Lyund Stream.

After a tiring climb and walk you will for the last step cross the Lyund Stream without bridge for final climb for Kareri Lake trek and will enter the high shores of Kareri Lake.

Here you will find one seasonal tea shop and four rooms with open kitchen made using block stones and with earthen roof and also more of three oldest shelters with tin roof, block stones and wooden flooring and two temples dedicate to SHIVA and SHAKTI and in front is the Kareri Lake hosting Minkiani Peak in background.

Here you will also find 6-10 seasonal Gaddi Huts around Kareri Lake.

Note :-  Please Trek and Enjoy the Beauty of Mother Nature But Then Also Be Good To Nature and Avoid Throwing Trash or any kind of Garbage on Trails even if you already see trash on trails. At least do your part by not throwing your garbage.

Happy Trekking, Camping and Hiking in Dhauladhar Mountains…also maintain the “Holy” environment of  Jots (Passes) beside of Goddesses and Gods of Dev-Bhumi! 
Also for this trek there should be minimum two friends, solo trekking is not advised unless you have done this trek earlier too, and Best Time is between June to October first week.
And carry your own food stuff as there are no cafes or tea stalls on trail and clothing as per weather plus shoes with good grips and First Aid kit.

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  1. will be trekking in the first week of oct ( 1st to 4th oct) group of 04 .
    will the seasonal tea shop be available during this time .

  2. Can you day hike to Kareri lake from Dharamshala or mc leod ganj? how much time it takes from gadda village – kareri lake – gadda village? can it be done in one day?

    1. yes can be done in one day…but you need very light backpack, good stamina and need to be at the trail head by 08:00 AM or max 09:00 AM

  3. Hi, I am planning to do a trek to kareri lake and wondering if it is possible to go trekking from kareri lake to Triund…?

      1. We are a group of 2, carrying our own tent and food. Planning to camp for 2-3days. Can we get a porter just to carry some load for the first day?

  4. Hi, very nice write up!
    I am thinking about this kareri lake trek this Oct. Can it be covered in a single day from Kareri village to lake again return to kareri village?
    If I need to stay, is there any option for food i.e. dinner..?

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