How Our Date with Death at Panchal Deva Range


How was our Date with Death at Panchal Deva Mountains They hire two senior guides for their exit trek from one of the remotest points. All of it started with one experienced trekker, two trekkers and businessmen. One energetic wanderer and one amateur trekker all from Himachal Pradesh. It was the beginning of our Date […]

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Story of Triund from Jewel of Dharamsala to Public Toilet of the World


(As written and sent to us by Ravindra Thakur Chamba) त्रिउंड की कहानी धर्मसाला के गहने से भारत व दुनिया के सार्वजानिक शौचालय तक, त्रिउंड हिल, द ज्वेल ऑफ़ धर्मसाला त्रिउंड हिल, जिसकी वास्तविक ऊंचाई लगभग १०६३२ फ़ीट (10,632 फ़ीट) (3240.6336 मीटर्स) है और जिधर श्री कुणाल पत्थरी देवी जी का मंदिर भी है, इसके […]

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