Triund and Asian Bears

Triund and Asian Bears

A warning for the trekkers going to the temple of Shri Kunal Patrhi Devi in Triund, there are reports of attack by a female Asian black bears on the trek to the temple….!
On May 26th, 2012 a group trekkers going to the temple of Shri Kunal Pathri Devi in Triund Hill (Triyund/Trinod), was attacked by a female bear and one of the trekkers walking behind the group had a narrow escape as the paws of the bear got hold of his backpack and as a result he fell in to the gorge.
On seeing this rest of the group chased off the bear and rescued the member of the group who had fallen in the gorge.
So even if you are in group, just be careful…..but as of the trek up to Triund, it is safe.
Asian black bears can turn very hostile to human beings and often attack humans without any provocation.

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