How is The weather of Triund in December

Is it safe to Trek to Triund in December?

Triund Hill is the Jewel of Dharamshala Local. Trek to Triund, is one of the nearest and one of easiest high altitude trekking site in Dharamsala.

Triund Hill, The Jewel of Dharamshala
Triund Hill, The Jewel of Dharamshala

Triund trek has four to five starting points. One from Dharamkot, second from BhagusNag (which further gets divided in two points).

The second trek for TriundHill starts from the taxi stand at Bhagsunag and goes straight up to Gallu Devi Temple on left and shortcut to Triund Trek from the right.

The third starting point for Triund trek is at the opposite of Shiva Café near Bhagusnag waterfall. This trail is steep but offers variety of the views of Dharamsala and Kangra valley at large.

The fourth starting point for Triundhill trek is from Indrunag via Banghotu. Indrunag is the only site from where you can enjoy the tendem Paragliding. Some experienced one can also do a solo flight.

The trek for TriundHill from Banghotu is bit of steep but has its own flavour of the day hike.

Among these the trek from Dharamkot is the easiest one. The trek for Triund from Dharamkot can be done even by a student of 5th class. Provided he/she follows the one time instructions, the well beaten trek and does not deviates from the trek.

From Dharamkot side, Triund trek distance is roughly 9km or say 2 to 3 hours easy walk and climb .

Despite the rainy monsoon season between July, August and the first week of September, the weather of Triund is pleasant throughout the year.

Triund Magic View in Monsoon
Triund Magic View

If you cannot come for trekking by September month then October and November are just good enough. Some even worry on how is the weather of Triund in December?

Though during October to the first week of December, the temperature of Triund is cooler in the early mornings and the nights.

In November, you may be lucky to witness mild to heavy snowfall in Triund. But that is a rare case, taking note of the Climate Change.

Surprise Triund Snowfall in November
Surprise Triund Snowfall in November

Weather of Triund in December starts to feel extreme cold in the early mornings and then by midnight. During the day, you can enjoy the pleasant sunshine. The views are generally crystal clears, free of any clouds.

Though you may see the smoky views at lower parts of Kangra valley.

Triund in July August
Triund in July August

For the months of October to December, you might need to carry or wear heavy woolens or warm jackets. Note the clothing’s for the trek to Triund in December month depends from person to person and one’s ability to cope the cold.

You may even be surprised to see someone on triund trek in just plain t-shirt and lower or without warm jackets.

During trek to Triund in December, you may also witness clear skies at night. Which will give you good window to photography, the milky way and some distant planets as well.

If you love Nature and night photography, then the months of November and December are just perfect for you to be in Triund.

The temperature at Snowline café and Laka are quite same as of Triund. But only during the early mornings and the midnight’s, you may feel freezing cold at SnowLine Café and Laka.

Snowline Cafe

If the weather gets really cold, then there can be heavy snowfall without any warnings. During heavy and sudden snowfall, you will witness snow laden Dhauladhar Mountains. Then, the weather of Triund hill will like freezing cold all day and night.

So, if you are camping in Triund in December and there is surprise heavy snowfall, then you will have to make a quick descent towards McLeodganj to avoid the situation of rescue. All these still make, Triund worth visiting. Beside this trek, there are many tour agents, who offer guided treks to Triund, Kareri Lake and Thatarna

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