Triund Hill and summer of 2012

In this year of 2012 the climate change, green house gas effect and continuous destruction of forests by humans has resulted in hottest summer for India and other parts of Asia and this heat is increasing on fast track with add on things like pollution and now humans are finding it very difficult to cope with.

Though summer is at its hottest point in this year and coincidentally that too during tourist and holiday season, the travel and tourism industry has gained.

Tourists from the rest of India and even from abroad have chosen to visit places like Manali, Rohtang Pass, Dharamsala, Mc Leodganj and have given preference trek to Triund Hill under the foothills of the mighty Dhauladhar.

In this year of 2012 the number of tourists going to Triund India has significantly increased as compared to previous years. There is unbearable heat in the plains and cities but the weather in Triund Trek is like that of heaven with regular rain and cloudy Dhauladhar. Even people who don’t prefer to trek or walk long distances are trekking to Triund Hill and enjoying the pleasant weather of Triund Hill and the presence of Glaciated Ice in Snowline in Illaka also some are going to neighboring trekking points like Guna Devi, Kareri Lake and some daring tourists are going for adventure activities like hang gliding.

The continuous flow of tourists to Triund Hill will last till August to September end. Triund India has turned out to be a pocket friendly hill station in Northern region and since it is also a day hike, so tourists who do not want to stay in Triund for a night can come down on the same day, so such tourists find a day hike to the green landscape of Triund Hill wonderful.

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