Volunteering Opportunities in Dharamshala

Volunteering in Dharamshala Among many opportunities for Volunteer in Dharamasala, Dhauladhar Cleaners is one of the best to join in. They conduct clean up every Sunday and once in a month collective events with participation of other organizations and hotels.
Recently in July 2021, Dhauladhar Cleaners also introduced the concept of Free Clothes and Shoes for the needy people in Dharamshala. They have started first ever its own kind of Bank, which has been named as “Vastra Bank”.
The Vastra Bank, is open bank with free service of clothes, shoes and ration for the needy. It is located in the office premises of BDO Dharamsala. Mr Arvind Sharma, the famous Cartoonist of Dharamshala is the key person for this initiative.
IndruNag has the historic temple dedicated to goddes Indrani and Jhad wali Mata and IndruNag.
Beside being the best Paragliding take off site in Dharamsala, Indrunag also has the facilities of All Terrain Vehicle drive, trekking and camping like outdoor activities. It is also one of the best site for families get together.

Dhauladhar Cleaners was formed in Indrunag hill station of Dharamshala. The meeting was held in the library of East Home Stay hotel in Indrunag and in the month of July it was officially launched.

In July 2019,the first event of Clean Up Drive was held by Dhauladhar Cleaners in Indrunag Hill Station, famous for Paragliding and other recreational activities in Dharamshala Local.

By Volunteering in Dharamshala, you can learn more about local culture and understand deeply about the thinking and behavior of the local people of Dharamsala, the smart city.

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