How to do Thatharna Trek Clean Up

Enjoy the views of Dhauladhar Mountains

Trimund and Thatharna Trek

After another high mountain trail tracing, we were able to embrace Dhauladhar Mountain. Along the way comes, Thatharna hill. Thatharna trek is another grazing point, used by the shepherds and local cattle herders.

From an altitude of around 2,640 meters, Thatharna boasts 360-degree view of Dhauladhar Mountains and Kangra valley.

As usual, the sunset view from Thatharna trek is spell bounding. Thatharna calls for some effort and energy to climb up and reach there.

Sunset from Thatharna Trek
Sunset from Thatharna Trek

Unlike Triund trek, Thatharna trek is some what demanding and is tiring. The steep uphill climb makes it a lot different than trek to Trimund. Do you know, the real name of Triund is Trimund?

Trimund or Triund?

It is just that, people have started calling it Triund. The “m”letter in Trimund is silenced and it is taken as Triund.

Once you have refreshed yourself, you can continue the steady uphill climb. Now this, Thatharna trek is covered with dense forest but fear nothing. There are no wild animals during the day hours.

Read here Thatharna Trek Step

Paragliding Tandem Flighst
Paragliding Tandem Flights

enjoy the views of Dhauladhar Mountains
Enjoy the views of Dhauladhar Mountains

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8 thoughts on “How to do Thatharna Trek Clean Up

    1. In December, the weather and temperature of Thatharna trek depends on snowfall. Usually it is colder in the early mornings and late evenings and if there is no snowfall in December then the weather of Thatharna hill station remains pleasant all day along.

  1. Can you please tell me the detail of Thatharna trek package? I’m considering to trek to Thatharna and camp there in Christmas of 2021 with my wife and kids. Is trek family friendly and safe for kids?

  2. Is it possible to trek to Thatharna in January month 2022? I want to camp in Thatharna in snow, so do you provide camping in snow conditions as well??

    1. Trek to Thatharna is not dangerous and not very difficult either. Yes Thatharna trek requires a guide, if you have no experience or very less years of high altitude trekking. Though the trek to Thatharna is also well beaten but if someone deviates at certain points, then it could become difficult. We have affordable packages for Thatharna trek for the Christmas eve and New Year 2022.

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