How Dangerous and Difficult Thatharna Trek is?


Is Thatharna trek really dangerous and difficult? The Reality of How Dangerous and Difficult Thatharna Trek is? Today, we will discuss the reality of Thatharna trek. This is just another trek like Kareri lake trek. The only difference Is that, it has steep climbs and at one point you can sure loose the trek. This […]

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How to do Thatharna Trek Clean Up


Trimund and Thatharna Trek After another high mountain trail tracing, we were able to embrace Dhauladhar Mountain. Along the way comes, Thatharna hill. Thatharna trek is another grazing point, used by the shepherds and local cattle herders. From an altitude of around 2,640 meters, Thatharna boasts 360-degree view of Dhauladhar Mountains and Kangra valley. As […]

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Volunteering with Dhauladhar Cleaners

Volunteering with Dhauladhar Cleaners It all started from a friend’s hotel room in Manali. Earlier, we had known each other only on Social media, except few. New circle was added in and it was good to be a part of the one. Many moons later, there was a word about floating a new local nongovernmental […]

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Beauty of TriundHill

Beauty of Triund Hill, well if you reach Triund early and plan to stay up for one night you can enjoy the blissful and beautiful moments in Triund. The first being the open area and the closeness of Dhauladhar mountain and in the evening the sun set at the western horizon and as viewed from Triund […]

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Triund Snow Trekking


Triund Snow Trekking Since during November and December 2018, the weather of Triund Hill had become a lot colder and there was fresh mild snowfall in November. With another batch of mild snowfall in December, the Trek to Triund was closed for coming three months. There are three points to slip through or by-pass the […]

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Kareri Lake

Kareri Lake Trek to Kareri Lake and Trekking around Triund Kareri Lake Trek From Dharamsala For Kareri Lake trail you need to reach Ghera Village either using a taxi or bus leaving from Dharamsala ISBT around 07:45 AM or via a foot trail from Satowari Village.You don’t need to go Chari. Bus fare is 15 INR. […]

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